Series 10 Float Level Switch

The 10-782 small vertical level switch is the integral switching element of the Series 10 ERECTA SWITCH product group. Level switches can be used on their own or as the switching component of a larger ERECTA SWITCH instrument construction. At Compac Engineering Inc. we have a large selection of single point vertical mounted float level switches, water level switch, liquid level switches, single point side mounted float level switches, one level extended stem level switches, and multi level float level switches from 2 to 4 levels ranging in lengths from 1”-70”. We even have combination level and temperature switch options. +/- Read More

Whatever your Chemical Media, we offer you more solutions.

Compac manufactures all but a small few of its products in three plastics, Polypropylene, Acetal, and PVDF Kynar. Each material offers a different spectrum of chemical compatibility. As a result, we have the broadest number of Level Switch Solutions, for the broadest number of chemical environments in the world. So which material is best for your application??? Generally speaking:

  • Polypropylene level switch products are suitable for water, soaps, and light acid applications.
  • Acetal Liquid Level Switch products are suitable for hydrocarbon applications such as gasoline, hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, and clean motor oil applications.
  • PVDF Kynar Liquid Level Switch products are suitable for harsh acids, caustics, chlorine and other highly corrosive chemical applications.
The Compac Difference

50 plus years of experience has taught us plenty about OEM design considerations. We may be the most experienced OEM supplier in the industry. In fact many of the products our competitors are selling, we pioneered more than 30 years ago. The difference is that we never stopped improving and innovating.

Like other Compac products, our level switches incorporate solution based design enhancements not found in similar products from other companies. We do no custom fabrication. Quality is built into our switches at the start, with lean precision manufactured nearly perfect parts and nearly perfect assembly. We use only the highest quality Oki reed switches, precision center less ground Alnico 5 magnets, and our own formulations of FDA approved plastics and using only our own regrind. If you are looking for cheap, this isn’t it. If you are looking for value and reliability then you have come to the right place.

Our goal is to deliver value by saving you hassle and money, not solely in the price of the switch, but in all the cost involved in the implementation of a level sensor:

  • Save on Design Cost – Our ERECTA SWITCH building block system solves all design considerations with stock parts, and pre banked specs, diagrams and pricing. You have no need to draw us a picture just so you can get a quote or place an order. With our generous sample policy, you can request what you need to evaluate the solution we offer and have it as soon as the next day at no charge.
  • Save on purchasing cost and hassles – Pre-configured sets combine all constituent parts under 1 part number. You do not need to play a “Cat and Mouse Game” to get a price. Prices are all published and up front. Each product is packaged in 1 packs for your prototyping process and earlier short production runs, and in discounted OEM bulk packs to reduce cost and packaging for your full production assembly line. There are no minimum orders and super fast lead times. Since you will be ordering stock parts, you will always find the process quick and easy.
  • Save on installation – A wide variety of mounting configurations meet the needs of all but the most specialized applications. Many mounting options require no threaded boss. Built in wiring enclosures prevent failure by isolating wiring from moisture, accommodate connectors and enable orderly wire management at no additional cost. Outside -> in mounting available on many configurations makes initial installation easier and easy access in the field easy. Got turbulence in your tank, many of our designs are available with our innovative slosh shields.
  • Reliability means lower cost – Our lean manufactured precision products don’t come to you “Dead in The Box”. This cuts cost such as returns and failures in the field associated with products bought from cheap “Hit or Miss” competitors. The cheapest level switch can often lead to the highest aggregate cost. You can’t afford to be supporting old equipment because you designed in failures. Stick with well-made products and you can focus on reaping profits from selling new equipment.
  • Repair-ability in the field – Our products are capable of millions of operations cutting your cost of replacement in the field. Cheap fabricated units fail frequently and cannot be repaired. Every part in an ERECTA SWITCH product is sold separately, making our products repairable, reusable and modifiable in the field.
  • Make our line your line -. If your tanks vary in size and mounting needs, you can offer your own range of level sensors to specifically satisfy your customer’s needs. You can accessorize your systems by adding extra levels for alarms and combine process by adding temperature switches on the same instrument.
  • Unbeatable cost/function ratio
  • Precision components throughout
  • Manufactured under “smart system” controls
  • Reliable, “sealed-in glass” contacts
  • Very small size
  • Can be mounted in any plane
  • Switches small solenoid valves, lamps and relays

Have questions? We have answers! Please don’t hesitate to call us with any inquiries about our level switches at 800-828-9044. We’re here to help.

General Specifications

* A number in brackets indicates the number of products in that specific category.