Series 5 Flow Switches and Indicators

Flow Switches and Indicators

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Flow Switch Applications

In addition to a simple way of detecting the presence or absence of flow in a pipe, flow switches provide a great solution for many different applications, including activating equipment at flow turn-on, detecting flow in spray/sprinkler systems and monitoring coolant flow.


Direct flow sensing: Installing a flow switch in the flow stream is direct flow sensing. This will detect liquid or gas flowing through the switch (within the limits of the product’s differential pressure sensitivity and flow rate capacity).

Indirect flow sensing: Placing the flow switch in a bypass line so only a portion of the system’s flow passes through it expands the range of possible applications. Any flow rate within the unit’s pressure rating can be detected when the required pressure differential is present.

Venturi meter sensing method: This method is based on the principle that different flow velocities produce different amounts of suction. The meter comprises a pipe incorporating a constriction or “waist.” The velocity in the pipe just past the waist is greater than the upstream area. The suction (lower pressure) is similarly greater in the area just past the waist. Since the difference in pressure depends upon flow velocity, it must also depend upon the quantity of fluid passing through the pipe per unit of time. Therefore, the pressure differential provides a measure for the flow rate.

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