Series 11 Bi-Metallic Temperature Switch Probe Sets Bi Metal Temperature Switches Bimetal thermostat Bi-Metal Immersion Temperature Switches

Bimetallic temperature switch probes are creep mechanisms (having no built in differential) and are characterized by slow make / slow break and rapid cycling capability.As a result, these Bi Metallic temperature switches are suited for both control and limit applications. Also found under temperature sensor, temperature probe, and thermal switch. also see temperature sensor, temperature probe, and thermal switch.Jumo Bimetal temperature switch, Airpax Bimetal thermostat, BUHLER Bimetal temperature switch, Nason Temperature switch, Omega Bi-Metal Immersion Temperature Switches, Bi-Metal Immersion Temperature Switches, Madison Bimetal Temperature Switch, Solutions With Innovation TEMPERATURE SWITCH, Techinstro Bimetal temperature switch, FEILONG bimetal temperature switch, Skill bimetal thermal switch, Fengguang bimetal temperature switch, Clark Bi-Metal Temperature Switch, WikaBimetal temperature switch, Fenwal Bimetal Thermostat, Thermal Cut outs

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