Series 11 Bi Metal Temperature Switches Bimetal thermostat Bi-Metal Immersion Temperature Switches

Series 11-800 Temperature switches are low cost, slow response temperature sensor switches useful for OEM applications where the detection of cold or high temperature limits is required. These temperature switches can serve as low temperature switches or high temperature switches in six narrow differential, preset set points. SPST contacts actuate when the temperature switches case reaches its preset temperature set point. +/- Read More

Heres an affordable thermostat, packaged for use in either gas or liquid. Its small, handles pilot loads at line voltage and can be mounted in a variety of ways. This is a bi-metallic temperature switch packaged in a corrosion resistant plastic sheath incorporating a sensing section, hex section and 1/8 NPT thread for mounting purposes. It mates with a large variety of ERECTA SWITCH components so just about any mounting requirement can be satisfied. And, it can be combined with our level and flow sensors making possible many low cost, efficient solutions to otherwise complex control problems.

11-800 Temperature switches are creep mechanisms (having no built-in differential) and are characterized by slow make/slow break and rapid cycling capability. As a result these temperature switches are suited for both control and limit application.

The switch is not a snap acting device. So the potential for rapid cycling in certain situations must be taken into account. Similarly, the thermal lag caused by poor thermal conductivity of the plastic sheath limits the device to temperature changes which occur over several seconds/degree change. A time lag of 120 seconds is not uncommon for 60 degree change when immersed in water. As is the case with all Compac products, final design criteria should be based on your testing of our products, in your application, at your facility.

Within the limitations discussed in our catalog, 11-800 temperature switches are unmatched. No other temperature switch offers as much for less. And, each switch is 100% tested to assure quality and performance.

General Specifications

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