Precision nipples for Extended Stem/Multi Level Float Switch Sets

Custom extended stem and multi-level are a thing of the past thanks to our revolutionary ERECTA SWITCH building block system. Now you can have from 1 – 4 levels at any length in any quantity as fast as the next day. Our float level switch sets are formed from precisely manufactured switches and parts, not short run fabricated units. You can expect the same reliability you get from our high volume base sensors while enjoying features you can’t get anywhere else like built in wiring enclosures, a broad selection of mounting options, and slosh shields for each level.

Unlike custom alternatives, Our products are repairable in the field. That’s right, you can buy replacement parts for any component in these configurations. Our level lengths are adjustable in the field as well. Precision nipples used to extend level lengths can be purchased in 1 inch increments from 1 – 70 inches.

General Specifications

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