10-304-KR Flange Mounted 3 Level Switch Set (PVDF Kynar) – OEM 10 Pack


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10-304-KR Flange Mounted 3 Level Switch Set (PVDF Kynar) features a 1-1/4″ NPT wiring receptacle providing a weather tight chamber for wire splices, and our unique flange nuts. Flange nuts on this multi level switch set eliminate the need to install a threaded female boss in the top of your tank. The receptacle cap has a 1/2″ center knock out and set provides a liquid tight strain relief connector. Multi Level Switch Set includes everything except the 10-715-PP-XX precision nipples.10-715-PP-XX nipples are available in 1 inch increments from 1 – 70 inches. This Multi Level Switch set is great for differential level sensing and easy mounting on screw on tank lids and thin bulk heads.This item is sometimes referred to as a water level switch, float switch, or magnetic level switch.

The PVDF Kynar version is suitable for harsh acids, caustics, chlorine and other highly corrosive chemical flow sensor applications.

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