10-700-R2 1-1/4 (1/8 NPT THD) Wiring Receptacle (Polypropylene)


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30 - 49$13.46
50 - 99$12.94

10-700-RX 1-1/4 (1/8 NPT THD) Wiring Receptacle is designed to provide a 1-1/4 NPT mount and a weather tight enclosure for wiring connections. Available with 1 to 4 1/8 NPT threaded holes to construct Multi-level configurations or pipe wiring into the receptacle from up to 4 different sources. Snap on cap features ½ inch center knock out to accommodate liquid tight strain relief connectors or other aftermarket connectors.

Polypropylene version is suitable for water, soaps , light acid liquid level sensor applications.