10-782-AC Level Switch (Acetal)

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10-782-AC Level Switch is the most versatile level switch in the world. Much more than a stand alone liquid level switch, it is the key liquid level switching element in all level switch sets extended level switch sets, and multi level switch sets in the series 10 ERECTA SWITCH OEM Level switch product group. The 10-782-PP OEM level switch opens on rise or closes on rise by reversing the float. It’s a simple Float Switch product based on a simple idea. A magnetic float rising or falling in response to liquid level change actuates a hermetically sealed magnetic reed switch. This straight forward method of converting motion into an electrical signal is so uncomplicated that many years of reliable service can be expected. This item is sometimes referred to as a water level switch, float switch, or magnetic level switch.

See also series 10 Liquid level sensor product group including vertical mounted single point level switch sets, side mounted levels switch sets. extended stem level switch sets and multi level switch sets, and series 15 side mounted liquid level switch product group.

Acetal Liquid Level Switch Version is suitable for hydrocarbon applications such as gasoline, hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, and clean motor oil liquid level sensor applications.

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