11-800-AC Bimetallic Temperature Switch (Acetal) – OEM 10 Pack


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3 - 4$330.13
5 - 9$275.29
10 - 99$159.54

11-800-AC Bi Metallic Temperature Switch (Acetal) is a slow acting bimetallic temperature switch packaged in a corrosion resistant plastic sheath, incorporating a sensing section, hex section, and 1/8 NPT male threads for mounting purposes. The 11-800 Bimetal temperature switch mates with a large variety of ERECTA SWITCH components so just about any mounting requirement can be satisfied. And, Bimetallic temperature switches can be combined with our level switches and flow switches making possible many low cost, efficient solutions to otherwise complex control problems.

11-800 Bi Metallic temperature switch are creep mechanisms (having no built in differential) and are characterized by slow make / slow break and rapid cycling capability.As a result, these temperature switches are suited for both control and limit applications. Also found under temperature sensor, temperature probe, and thermal switch.

Acetal Bimetal temperature switch Version is suitable for Temperature sensing in hydrocarbon applications such as gasoline, hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, and clean motor oil.