11-809-AC Snap-In Bracket Temperature Probe / Bimetal Temperature Switch Set (Acetal)


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11-809-AC Snap-In Bracket Temperature Probe / Bi-Metallic Temperature Switch Set (Acetal) Is useful for applying a temperature probe / Bi metallic temperature switch to an open tank. Just drill a smooth hole and install the temperature probe bracket to the side of the tank. The temperature probe then snaps into the temperature switch bracket.

11-800 Bi-metallic temperature switch (switching element of this temperature probe set) are creep mechanisms (having no built in differential) and are characterized by slow make / slow break and rapid cycling capability.As a result, these temperature switches are suited for both control and limit applications. Also found under temperature sensor, temperature probe, and thermal switch.

Acetal Temperature Probe / Temperature Switch Version is suitable for Temperature Sensing in hydrocarbon applications such as gasoline, hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, and clean motor oil.