11-895-R-KR Bimetal 1-1/4 NPT Wire Receptacle Temperature Switch Set (PVDF Kynar) – OEM 10 Pack


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11-895-R-KR Bi-Metallic 1-1/4 NPT Wire Receptacle Temperature Switch Set (PVDF Kynar) Is useful for applying a temperature switch to an open tank and providing a weather tight temperature switch wiring receptacle for a clean complete temperature switch installation. Just drill a smooth hole and install the temperature switch bracket to the side of the tank. The temperature switch (including temperature switch wiring receptacle) then snaps into the temperature switch bracket.

11-800 temperature switch (switching element of this temperature switch set) are creep mechanisms (having no built in differential) and are characterized by slow make / slow break and rapid cycling capability.As a result, these temperature switches are suited for both control and limit applications. Also found under temperature sensor, temperature probe, and thermal switch.

The PVDF Kynar version of this temperature switch set is suitable for temperature sensing in harsh acids, caustics, chlorine and other highly corrosive chemical temperature sensor applications.