15-650-KR Side Mounted Level Switch


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15-650-KR Liquid Level Switch is the “Quintessential” side mounted level switch. 15-650 level switches are made up of two cleverly sculptured, injection molded sections. A housing section, containing a sealed in glass magnetic switch and a float section containing a permanent magnet. Level switch sections are hinged together by an integral clevis mechanism. The level switch float moves in response to changes in liquid level, thereby transporting the magnet into proximity with the switch. it is a simple concept. Move the float close to the body and the level switch “clicks” on. Move the level switch float away and the switch “clicks” off. 15-650s mount from the outside in using built in 1/2″ NPT male threads or mount in side out using the built in 1/4 NPT male thread and included jam nut and o ring. See also series 10 Liquid level sensor product group including vertical mounted single point level switch sets, side mounted level switch sets. extended stem level switch sets and multi level switch sets, and series 15 side mounted liquid level switch product group.

The PVDF Kynar Liquid Level Switch version is suitable for harsh acids, caustics, chlorine and other highly corrosive chemical Liquid Level Switch applications.