5-20-PP Angle Body Flow Switch (Prolypropylene)


QuantityDiscounted Price
10 - 24$44.56
25 - 49$38.5
50 - 99$34.2
100 - 199$27.54

The 5-20-PP Angle Body Flow Switch is the standard in OEM low flow sensor applications. 5-20 flow switches have a built in clean out port allowing the removal of the spring and poppet without dis-assembly of your plumbing. 5-20 flow switches are available in 5 factory flow sensor set points (with titanium spring in), .1 gpm, .25 gpm, .5 gpm, .75 gpm, and 1 gpm. Mount the flow switch vertically without the titanium spring and sense even lower flow rates. Built in 9/16 UNF female bosses are intended to be used with one of our 4 available accessory fittings.

See Also: 5-20-LFT low flow switch models, 5-21 and 5-21H flow switch models, 5-19 flow switch / flow indicator models, and 5-18 flow indicator models.

Polypropylene version is suitable for water, soaps, and light acid flow sensor applications.

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